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Validating Radio Button Groups By setting the value of the variable, "found_it" equal to the checked button's value, the original button loop script can easily find which button was checked. We need a way to handle this situation, especially if you want to require a button from a group be checked.

Before getting into the additional validation scripting, I want you to notice something about the found_it variable in the original script - it is declared but not initialized. Because it was not assigned a value initially, it has an original value of null, and will stay that way unless its value is reset to a checked button's value. Logical operators test two boolean values for equality.

In this example, we alert the user to please check a radio button.

If our form was actually wired to a CGI script on the server, or set to some other action, we could also return false to the onsubmit handler to keep the form from submitting as demonstrated in the Stop That Form example.

For an alternative approach to client-side form validation, without Java Script, check out our new article on HTML5 Form Validation which is available now in most modern browsers.

The if/else can be constructed in two different ways using two different operators. To keep from becoming confused by the not operator, just think of it as a shorthand way of saying, "found_it==false".Form validation is the process of checking that a form has been filled in correctly before it is processed.For example, if your form has a box for the user to type their email address, you might want your form handler to check that they've filled in their address before you deal with the rest of the form.Validating form input with Java Script is easy to do and can save a lot of unnecessary calls to the server as all processing is handled by the web browser.It can prevent people from leaving fields blank, from entering too little or too much or from using invalid characters.

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